Who is who? 

– Meet the team – 

The EduVentures team consists of colorful and very diverse people. Many of us have been with EduVentures for a long time, but we are always happy about new additions, such as our NUST students or volunteers from Germany. We work on many different projects, where different strengths are required. That’s why we have environmental educators, artists and IT professionals with us. Everyone has their individual strengths and should be able to live them out in order to achieve the best possible success. For us, a respectful, friendly and distinctive exchange is important. We are like family. We are considerate of each other, support each other and above all we have fun together. Get to know us!

Benson Muramba


Hello everyone, my name is



In 2003, one of my teachers from the Immanuel Shifidi Secondary School and scientist from the National Museum of Namibia organized a small expedition to the Brandberg Mountain with a group of learners and I had luck and was part of it. After the expedition, I knew that I wanted to take up a career in environment science/conservation fields due the expose I got. As a young person straight from the village, this was an eye opener for me. In the following years I began to volunteer and accompany learners on expeditions as an assistant educator. In 2006 the founder and chairman of the organization went to the US for professional reasons. Based on my experience and knowledge in the program, I was elected as the Chairman of EduVentures – a position I hold until now.

I have a vision, because of the unique approach that EduVentures have, when it comes to environmental communication. We should look, how we can replicate these unique ideas in other African Countries. 

What my team says about me:

is very eloquent and reliable.
represents EV.
has a calming way to talk to people.
is people oriented. 
is people oriented. 
is the real boss. 

Corris Kaapehi

Project Manager

Hello, I’m



My first EduVentures contact was way back in 2006 for the Bloedkoppie research camp. Since than I have been in touch working on different activities. Since 2010 I came full time to EduVentures. Currently I am the project coordinator. 

I hail from the small town of Okakarara in the shadow of the mighty Waterberg-reading. I see myself very much in conservation and environmental management in Namibia. 

What my team says about me:

is our intelligent scientist.
is a smart Environmental Educator.
has a good sense of humor.
is calm cool collected with a pile of wisdom.
understands co-workers.

Maria Johannes

Senior Environmental Educator

Hello guys, it’s 



I am a Nature Conservatism Honois degree graduate from NUST. I joined EduVentures in April 2013 as an educator for the EduMobile project. I got involved with the program curriculum and educational material development, planning and coordinating educational activities and conducting designed educational programs at schools. Later, when the organization grew, I was assigned to coordinate activities between EduVentures and the PREN Project of Hans Seidel foundation. 

In live, I’m inspired by people who turn their dreams into reality and by those, who do good things for people, their country and nature, without expecting something in return. My hope is, that one day I’ll become one of the most recognised environmental educators or lecturer in my country, because of my valued contribution to environmental education for sustainable development. 

What my team says about me:

is very ambitious and conscientious.
is strictly about work.
keeps the team together.
is outspoken and stright forward.
is ambitious to the dot and very focused.

Sophia Nuuyuni

Environmental Educator

Hi, I’m



I came to EduVentures in 2015 as an intern. I did my work intergrated learning for six months. I came back 2016 after my studies as junior educator and now I’m promoted to educator. I plan to pursue my career into environmental law and be part of the EduVenture success. I would like to support making EduVentures an even bigger and more reputabled organization than it is today.

I grew up in a small village called Omuntele in Oshikoto region, where I was raised by my grandparents. Later I moved to Windhoek to pursue my education. I come humble beginnings, we are a big family and mostly get together once every december. What else to say about me? I like traveling, reading some interesting books and meeting new people. If you want to know more about me, meet me at EduVentures. 

What my team says about me:

is our helping hand.
is very courteous.
is kind and willing to collaborate.
comes in every morning with a smile.
is our mother Theresa with a kind soul. 

Tauno Iipinge


Good day, I’m



I started with EduVentures in 2003 on the second expedition to the “Huns Mountain”. Since this time, I was a volunteer until 2013. From then on, I was permanently employed.
I take care of Ombombo – our mobile classroom – and on tours I’m both – the driver and the educator. In addition, I take care of all logistical matters for EduVentures.

I love to work with my team. We consist of many different personalities, with different backgrounds and origins. Nevertheless, we harmonize very well and as a diverse team, we work great together.

What my team says about me:

is our funny supporter.
helps wherever he cans.
seems confused, but actually he is productive.
is very approachable.
has his hands on everything.
is a Multi-tasker.

Hangula Werner

Graphic Designer

What’s up, I’m



I am an enthusiast, full of energy and I love creativity. My passion lies in the field of Arts. This is also the reason I ended up here! I’ve been with EduVentures for a couple of years since 2015. At EduVentures I see to it, that all our material gets a special creative touch. My responsibilities also include the Climate Change Exhibition, facilitating workshops and making sure that there is fun involved. I totally enjoy the environmental education and making a positive change in our people’s lifes.

What my team says about me:

is responsible for our visual implementations.
creative and full of ideas.
has exaggerated energy.
is always in a high performance mode.
is always active.

Look who it is, it’s 



In 2015, I was invited by Hangula to conduct a drama play on an environmental awareness EduVentures project in Rundu (Doza). After a successful completion, I received more and more invitations from EduVentures to arrange further education activities, such as “Sick Planet”, acting things and comedy acts.

Currently, I am responsible at EduVentures for running Social Media, planning activities and organizing events and workshops. As my own project I have EnviroComedy. That’s pretty cool and I enjoy it. At the moment we’re busy with our EnviroComedy Street Catches. So we’re going all around the country to ask people a view questions about our Environment, Climate Change and so on. I like to work with EduVentures, because it’s an adventure and at the same time you learn a lot.

In my spare time I like to write comedy jokes and to read good books. Futhermore I enjoy going out with friends and relaxing a bit, because I also have a lot of gigs outside of EduVentures.  

What my team says about me:

always brings a smile on my face.
is very creative and determined.
has incredible juggling skills.
is great in organizing things.
runs the show.

Our guests. 

– Supporting hands for EV – 

From time to time, volunteers, students, interns and other guests work with EduVentures. They do different kinds of work and shape the appearance of EduVentures. There has been successful cooperation with Germany and the USA.