From the 9th to the 13th of December 2019 the Community-Based Natural Resource Management Teachers Workshop took place at the Okatjikona Environmental Education Center at Waterberg Plateau Park. Under a broader training program titled “Teachers Training Workshop on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) using ICT and Hands-On Experiential Learning”, the workshop was organized by EduVentures for agricultural teachers, education officers and conservancy members.
The 22 participants, who took part in the workshop, were then able to:

1. Receive and digest coherent and comprehensive messages about the CBNRM model, the links between economics, ecosystems and social.

2. To engage in interactive discussions on how to integrate Environmental Education activities in curriculums.

3. Build on the existing ability and confidence to deliver EE themes from within the curriculum. 

4. Build capacity on ESD and SDGs.

5. Build local pride in the Management of Natural Resources..

6. To receive knowledge on running environmental clubs and carry out school community projects.

Apart from the intended results, Networking allowed participants to know one another which made way for future collaboration. To ensure information sharing and keeping all participants in touch, a What’s App group was created. On this group participants share experiences relating to ESD and further professionally grow in ESD by learning from each other’s. Contact details of conservancy members that were present at the workshop were exchanged between group members for communication on any conservancy activities that may take place.

EduVentures would like to thanks every participant for their involvement and hope, that they further educate the society to become sustainable and environmentally concious.