Using existing structures and technology EduVentures has established an ESD Network, for strengthening the implementation of EE/ESD in Namibian schools.  Namibia already have a diverse of ESD practitioners the ESD Network can build on, rather than replacing  or replicating, systems and structures already in place such as existing EE centre and school clusters system. The ESD network aims to equip educators at EEC in the regions and teachers of the nearby school cluster with pedagogical content knowledge, to be enabled cross-curricular teaching of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) through hands-on learning using real life examples. The project is based on the principle of a multiplier effect by advocating three tiers of training, namely ESD Educator training, teacher training, and primary and secondary school learner education. The ESD Network satisfies all five Priority Action Areas as set out in the Roadmap for Implementing the Global Action Programme (GAP) on Education for Sustainable Development of UNESCO.


Nine centres were selected to serve as ESD centres where teachers will be trained. These centres will be provided with equipments to setup a smart classroom including a smartboard, a computer and other office equipments and internet connectivity to ensure that the centers are connected to each and able to conduct Web Based Trainings.

The visualization of connected through a virtual classroom.

Educators Workshops

Educators at all these centres have also undergone trainings on Environmental Education and Education for Sustainable Development and certified as ESD educators.

Quote from Mr. Mbeutjiua Rikambura, Chief Warden:
(Karas Region, Enviroonmental Education and CBNRM, Ministry of Environment and Tourism):

“The EduLink Project captures all principles of Environmental Education and its activities are online with the UNSECO Global Action Programme, EduLink capacitates educators with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to carry out their responsibilities”.

Teachers Workshops

The aim of the second tier of EduLink project is to provide teachers across the curricula spectrum with the background, skills and know-how to incorporate ESD into their respective subject areas (crosscurricular teaching). Groups of teachers will be trained at ESD Centres, using the same modules used during, and developed in conjunction with, ESD Educator training. Again a blended approach will be used through smartboard technology. The ESD Educators will provide face-to-face support.

School Community Projects

Coming Soon! Will start in 2020.