For the past few years climate change as a term has become a household name around the globe. It is the change in global or regional climate patterns, in particular a change attributed largely to the increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide (other gases as well) produced by the use of fossil fuels discovered during the industrial revolution. Major world summits have been held to discuss Climate Change and Namibia has been no stranger to it. In the past decades Namibia has experienced Climate Change first hand with extreme weather patterns changing in the form of flash floods and extended drought seasons. This has left many citizens in great despair as the extreme weather changes have disturbed agricultural production which some 70% of Namibians depend on  for their livelihood. Not to mention that this peaks our vulnerability as a nation because our country heavily depends on natural resources for production and stable economic activity. 

Our Climate Change Exhibition shares information about the reality of climate change and what this means for Namibia. It also highlights the ways in which organisations and individuals by predicting the possible impact of climate change can make changes and adapt their lifestyles and economic activities to reduce the effects of climate change. As Namibians we can work together to reduce the impact of climate change and support the international campaign to combat the causes of climate change.