How did EnviroComedy come about?


In Namibia therere so many environmental issues…

What exactly is EnviroComedy?


Enviro Comedy is a Project that serves to create awareness on environmental issues like, Climate change, Poaching, deforestation and so on. The idea is to entertain the people on serious and important issues while being amused. Many of the time listeners tend to get bored and sleep when the speech or the teaching method is too formal. This method is also known as Edutainment.

Fernando's way to EnviroComedy


My way to EduVentures was also my the point in my life, when I started EnviroComedy….

What the Social Media write about Fernando's EnviroComedy

  • When it comes to comic delivery, Namibiaโ€™s comedian, Fernando Filipe, popularly known as Fernando Tafish, is up there with the best of them, confident, clear and he knows how to tell a good story. Trading the office for the bright lights of stand-up comedy, Fernando has made quite a name for himself as a man with a mission with an impressive doze jokes (…)

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