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EduVentures was started in 2003 as an educational and data gathering initiative of the National Museum of Namibia (NMN) and the Immanuel Shifidi Secondary School in Katutura. In 2007, EduVentures registered as an NGO. Its overall objective is to sensitize Namibian school learners to topics related to the environment and sustainable development. The aim of the program is to cultivate an interest among young Namibians in their national heritage (cultural and environmental), and to empower them to get actively involved in environmental issues threatening these. Ultimately, EduVentures strives to promote responsible and engaged citizen.

Our Mission & Vision

EduVentures actively provides environmental experiences for mainly disadvantaged Namibian youth whilst simultaneously contributing to the continued expansion of Namibian scientific knowledge and deepening the collective understanding of its natural and cultural heritage, all of which are crucial to the conservation & sustainable use of Namibia’s environment.

We envision greater environmental literacy amongst all expedition participants, equipping them to be leaders that actively promote and contribute to the wise and ethical management of Namibia’s natural and cultural heritage and to ensure environmental sustainability and well-being.

EduVentures Trust - Organisational Chart

EduVentures affiliated with the National Museum of Namibia, as its official youth program. EduVentures is member of Environmental Education Association of Southern Africa (EEASA), Museum Association of Namibia (MAN), Namibian Environmental Education Network (NEEN), Namibian Chamber of Environment (NVCE) and Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Umweltmobile (AGUM).

Our Projects

EduVentures offers a unique experience for study and discovery. Learning opportunities that include emotional, aesthetic and interactive experiences have replaced ‘teaching’. Bring your class to the Museum – engaging youth in, and actively participate in, collecting data of real scientific value trough gaining hands-on learning activities deepening the collective understanding of its natural and cultural heritage. EduVentures is dedicated to developing and strengthening the education role of non-formal education and providing tools and resources by and for school children, students & teacher.

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