"Children working for heritage"

8th Expedition - Baynes Mountains (2006) 1st Expedition - Brandberg (2003) 4th Expedition - Brandberg (2004) 2rd Expedition - Namus- / Huns Mountains (2003) 3rd Expedition - Kuiseb River / Namib Desert (2004) 5th Expedition - Dikkewillem / Kirchberg (2004) 6th Expedition - Chowagas Mountain (2005) 7th Expedition - Gaap River / Fish River Canyon (2005) 9th Expedition - The Sperrgebiet / Succulent Karoo (2006) 10th Expedition - Nyae Nyae Pans  / Aha Hills (2007)

The main part of the EduVentures expeditions consists of collecting and hiking in remote areas of Namibia for 10-12 days. Learners are taught in different collecting methods and actively participate in collecting organisms and artifacts for Namibias various natural and cultural history collections.

But apart from this participants learn about the value of, the threats to and the distribution of biodiversity. They learn to appreciate big and small things and handle creatures with respect and not fear.

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Concentrating on the individual development, learners are encouraged to a questioning mind, learn various skills (e.g. working with GPS, reading a map, observation skills, etc.) and participate in discussions, while taking responsibility for the environment and being accountable for ones actions in such various fields as water usage, erosion control, energy usage, littering and conduct towards other cultures.

To optimize the output and make the expedition a memorable experience they are made to be physically and mentally challenging, include fun, adventure, education and the concluding activities are normally relaxing and at touristy places.

Brandberg / Nuwuarib Gorge - EduVentures 4 - 2003




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