"Children working for heritage"
Date: 15.8 - 01.10. 2006
Site:  Sperrgebiet
Biome:   Succulent Karoo
Special Features:

The Sperrgebiet in Namibia encompasses nearly all of the northern extent of the Succulent Karoo vegetation and is the only wilderness area in the Succulent Karoo Hotspot. Since the area has been held as a mining concession for the last century, it has been strictly off-limits to the public and scientists.
The Succulent Karoo experiences
very unique climate patterns. Here rainfall is reliable and predictable, falling mostly during the winter. Prolonged droughts are rare, even during the extreme dryness of summer. Fog often settles along the coast and tempers summer heat. In winter, hot mountain or "berg" winds whip across the region, creating some of the hottest days of the year.

We were very lucky to be in the right place in the right time - just after the winter rain we found a fantastic colorful flora. and plenty of insects and spiders. It is thus no wonder that we collected many interesting organims and, no doubt, new species. Especially surprising to us was the large number of spiders that were present at the time.


Total number of species collected: > 1500 Total number of Participants: 22
Learners:    17 Scientists & Teachers: 5

Nokoret Dreyer (16)

KHS Tharina Louise Bird NMN

Andy Fish (16)

KHS Benson Kokure Muramba MNM

Johannes Bantam (18)

KHS Telane Greyling Wild horses

Javier Winkler (17)

KHS Samanta Mapfumo EduVentures

Hendriana Hashetu (16)

SSS Timotheus Kasume SSS

Erens Katjjngisiua (15)


Hambeleleni Nghihalemute (14)


Kondonona Kavezeri (15)


Unovandu Kaposambo (15)


Selma Iyambo (16)


Frieda Barakias (16)


Jean Dreyer (19)


KHS = Karasburg High School                                         
SSS = A. Shipena Secondary School
DHPS = Deutsche Höhere Privat Schule
NISE = National Institute for Special Education
NMN = National Museum of Namibia

Unotjari Kauta (15)

Kristofina Uahengo (15) DHPS
Florina Esmael (16) DHPS
Lucia Mumbala (14) DHPS
Namtago Madison (15) DHPS
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