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Date: 20.08 - 03.09. 2005
Site:  Gaap and Fishriver canyon
Biome:   Nama Karoo
Special Features:

Following the break-up of Gondwanaland some 130 Million years ago major continental uplift resulted in the deep incision of the river to its present day level and exposing impressively the different geological features.

Although the canyon falls within the Nama Karoo biome, patches of Succulent Karoo result in a very diverse Flora and Fauna which, along with the endemics, makes it an important and very interesting ecosystem.

Total number of species collected: > 1500 Total number of Participants: 22
Learners:     14 Scientists & Teachers:  8
Aina Ndasilohenda Mwalya NISE Tharina Louise Bird NMN
Innocence Abraham Agostinho NISE Benson Kokure Muramba NMN
Keiue Muramba NISE Telane Greyling Wild horses
Mina Dinonie Witbooi NISE Royal Jamal Sanyambe NISE
Johannes Mayumbelo Mayumbelo NISE Jonas Kuazire Kazondunge NISE
Jahannes Kanyetu Neporo ISSS Patrick Robert Joyl EduVentures
Laurinda Raquel Dumba ISSS Samanta Mapfumo EduVentures
Anita Nalimanguluke Shoongeleni ISSS Holger Vollbrecht EduVentures
Karen Ndilimeke Mutota ISSS

St.Paul = St. Paul's College
ISSS = Immanuel Shifidi Secondary School
NISE = National Institute for Special Education
NMN = National Museum of Namibia
WHS = Windhoek High School

Grace Luvindao St. Paul
Christopher Francois Claassen St. Paul
Selma Penna Utonih (jnr) St. Paul
Francis James Bassingthwaighte St. Paul
Gift Goagoses WHS
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