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Site: Dikkewillem / Kirchberg
Biome: Desert / Nama Karoo
Special Features: The Dikkewillem and Kirchberg Mountain are  conspicuous Inselbergs, means   isolated hill  (small mountain) rises abruptly from the arid Desert and Nama Karoo biome.  This Inselbergs, carbonatite intrusion, 49 mil years old and have special habitats for flora & fauna.

Total number of species collected: in process Total number of Participants: 10
Learners: 7 Scientists & Techers: 3
Monica Shangeelao Henghali
JJA Nicholas Krone ISSS
Lipitwa Mirjam Hamunyela JJA Tharina Louise Bird NMN
Otto Abraham Rooinasie JJA Telane Greyling WildHorses
Daniel Danny Jason JJA    
Cecil Fabianus, Brain Garoeb JJA

ISSS = Immanuel Shifidi Secondary Scool
JJA = Jan Jonker Afrikaaner Secondary
NMN = National Museum of Namibia


Moritha Moira Morkel JJA
Nangula Hilma Nuule JJA
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