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Site: Brandberg - Nuwuarib Gorge
Biome: Desert
Special Features:

The Brandberg is the highest Inselberg in Namibia. The rock paintings, also called "White Lady" are world famous and a tourist attraction.

Endemic plants represent an important element of the vegetation. As the Brandberg is large enough to support the isolation of populations and the evolution of unique species, a high level of biodiversity and endemism is expected to exist.


Total number of species collected: ? Total number of Participants: 11
Learners: 8 Scientists & Techers: 3
Frans Nalimanguluke Abraham JJA Nicholas Krone ISSS
Dennie Delton Nuseb JJA Tharina Louise Bird NMN
Revival Garoes JJA Benson Muramba NMN
Emily Uusiku JJA
Lydia Thomas JJA

ISSS = Immanuel Shifidi Secondary Scool
JJA = Jan Jonker Afrikaaner Secondary Scool
NMN = National Museum of Namibia

Dion Duox Gamxamub JJA
Tobias Kasta Fillemon JJA
Theodor Kandiwapa Shipinge JJA
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