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Site: Kuiseb River - Namib Desert
Biome: Desert

Special Features:





The Namib is probably the oldest desert in the world. This has resulted in a unique array of biodiversity with high levels of endemism and numerous advanced adaptations to arid conditions.

The Kuiseb River is the most important of the ephemeral rivers of the Namib desert. It serves as a windbreak preventing the great dunes from moving further north. The deposited silt and vegetation prevents the river from flowing to the sea.

Total number of species collected: in process Total number of Participants: 13
Learners: 11 Scientists & Techers:  2
Karina Nambata Filippus ISSS Nicholas Krone ISSS
Gerhard Mekondjo Natangwe ISSS Tharina Louise Bird NMN
Nangombe Makurata Shamayuko ISSS    
Tangeni Namwandi ISSS    
Hileni Mvula ISSS    
Phillipus Tuhafeni Haimbondi ISSS    
Hilma Shiwa Anghuwo ISSS    
Emilia Magano Eino ISSS    
Martin Tuhafeni Ndishishi ISSS

ISSS = Immanuel Shifidi Secondary Scool
NMN = National Museum of Namibia

Eliaser Natangwe Uukunde ISSS
Petrus Undari ISSS
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