"Children working for heritage"


April-May 2003

Site: Brandberg
Biome: Desert
Special Features:

The Brandberg is the highest inselberg in Namibia. Due to the basalt plains which envelop the northern slopes, the vegetation is slightly different to elsewhere. The rock paintings, especially the "White Lady" are world famous attract thousands of tourists each year.

Endemic plants represent an important element of the vegetation. As the Brandberg is large enough to support the isolation of populations and the evolution of unique species, a high level of biodiversity and endemism is expected to exist there.


Total number of species collected:

n process

Total number of Participants:

Learners: 7 Scientists & Techers: 3
Benson Muramba ISSS Nicholas Krone ISSS
David Nangombe ISSS Tharina Louise Bird NMN
Mpingana Hilma Angula ISSS Michael Stiller ARC-PPRI
Jeremy Shapaka ISSS
Lot Gabriel ISSS

ARC-PPRI = Agricultural Research Centre - Plant Protection Reasearch Institute
ISSS = Immanuel Shifidi Secondary Scool
NMN = National Museum of Namibia

Levi Mulokotsi ISSS
Marco De Cavaleiro ISSS
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