"Children working for heritage"
Date: 27.4. - 12.05. 2007

Site:  Nyae Nyae Pans and Aha Hills
Biome:   Broadleafed Savanna
Special Features:










The Nyae Nyae Conservancy, the first registered conservancy of Namibia, is named after one of the pans in this temporary wetland, which is the eastern edge of the Kalahari Basin. The centre of the area is inhabited by the Ju/'hoan San.

We started at Muramba Bushman Trails where we learned how the San used to survive as hunter-gatherers. Crossing 100 km on the tracks of Elephants we explored this area where a new lifestyle is being practised by the inhabitants, for example gardening, subsistence livestock-farming and tourism. This is already starting to replace their traditional lifestyle.

With a great diversity of wildlife and a shortage of water resources we saw examples of human-wildlife conflicts. The elephants are a big problem for the local people: they topple water tanks, dig up pipes, ruin gardens and can be dangerous for those who come too close. At the same time they play a key role in nature as they provide dead wood and spread seeds with their dung.

The Kalahari teach us to handle precious resources like water with care. During the hike we had only 2 litres of water per day - for washing, brushing teeth, cooking and cleaning eating utensils. Just like the Bushmen in earlier times who often had to survive on only one ostrich egg filled with water per day - that is about 1.5 litres.

Total number of species collected: in process Total number of Participants: 24
Learners:    18 Scientists & Teachers: 6

Maxine Körner (16)

DSSW Tharina Bird NMN

Leandro Diergaardt (16)

DSSW Karen Tamsen DSSW

Stanley Horaeb (16)


Mervin Goroeb (16)

KHS Holger Vollbrecht EduVentures

Wilies Katjiuongwa (17)

KHS Nico Kisting KHS

Magreth Nuuyuni (14)


Victoria Shinwedha (15)


Edwatd Vries (14)

Melanie Adams (17) SOS

DSSW = Delta Secondary School Windhoek                                        
KHS= Khomas High School
CTS = Combretum Trust School
SOS = SOS Children Village
TJSS= Tsumkwe Junior Secondary School
HS= Home School
NNC= Nyae Nyae Conservancy
NMN= National Museum of Namibia

Elmar Beulas (15)

Pierce Kahuva (17) CTS

Abigail Shidute (16)


Whitney !Owoses (17)


Kyle Schoeman (16)


John Peter (16)

Boo Kxao (14) TJSS
Leona Kxao (15) TJSS
Emma Jonas (20) TJSS

Many thanks to the sponsors for the 10th Expedition:

+++ Switzerland: Brigitte + Günter BLECHSCHMIDT  +++ Helena & Fredy ROOST +++ Hanspeter WAELCHLI +++ Belinda & Pirmin HÄFLINGER +++ Elvira GÜNTENSPERGER +++ Monica + Markus GERBER +++ Austria: + Erika & Rudi PLANITZER +++ Germany: + Karen & Jens DIETZEL +++ Werner & Renate NIEBEL +++ Bert KLAUS +++ Petra BUCHER +++ Cora RUHRMANN +++ Lisa SENGHAAS +++ Thomas KUGELMEIER +++ Lutz WOERNER +++ Bernd SIEMS +++ Kurt SCHWINN-SEIBOLD & Heide OBERWIBL +++ Matthias GOESMANN +++ Peter GLASSMANN +++ Joos MAIER +++ Sabine DOPP +++ Edmund NEUNER +++ Richard LUCKNER +++ Brigitte COLIN +++ and all members of the „VAS Sportverein München“ +++


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