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Funding & Grants

National Museum of Namibia (NATMUS)
Solidarity Service International - Solidaritätsdienst International e. V. (SODI)

Solidaritätsdienst International e. V. (SODI)
Solidarity Service International in Berlin

German Cooperation by GIZ GIZ Namibia
GIZ’s activities focus on the following priority areas: (1) Management of natural resources, (2) Transport and (3) Economic development on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).
Hanns Seidel Foundation Namibia


Hanns Seidel Foundation Namibia
promote democracy, economic advancement and environmental sustainability.


Environmental Investment Fund (EIF) of Namibia

Environmental Investment Fund (EIF)
supporting individuals, projects and communities that ensure the sustainable use of natural resources.

Global Enevironment Facility (UNDP / GEF)
serves as the financial mechanism for both the Convention on Biological Diversity and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change

The Rössing Foundation
is funded by donations received from Rössing, but also manages a number of projects on behalf of non-governmental organisations and foreign aid institutions.

Agnes Philippine Walter Stiftung

Agnes Philippine Walter Stiftung

Deutsch Afrikanische Gesellschaft

Deutsch-Afrikanische-Gesellschaft (DAFRIG)


Funding & Grants       Science, Education & Development       Friends & Partners     up



Science, Education & Development

Namib Desert Environmental Education Trust (NaDEET)

Namib Desert Environmental Education Trust (NaDEET)
provide firts class environmental education for Namibians.

Namibian Biodiversity Database
aims to increase the availability of Namibian biodiversity information in support of the Namibian Constitution and also as per our obligations under Article 17 of the International Convention on Biological Diversity.

Mobile environmental education project (MEEP) - Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Umweltmobile“ (AGUM)

Mobile Environmental Education Projects (MEEPs)


Environmental Education Association of Southern Africa (EEASA)

Namibia Environmental Education Network

Namibia Environmental Education Network

Think Namibia

Think Namibia

Progress Namibia

Progress Namibia

Namibian Ministry for Environment and Tourism (MET)
Polytechnic Namibia
University of Namibia (UNAM)
Namibian Ministry for Environment and Tourism (MET)

Namibia Nature Foundation (NNF)
promote sustainable development, the conservation of biological diversity and natural ecosystems, and the wise and ethical use of natural resources for the benefit of all Namibians, both present and future.

The association for Children with Language, Speech
and Hearing Impairments of Namibia (CLASH)

Gobabeb Training and Research Centre
is a Southern African Development Community (SADC) Centre of Excellence focusing on promoting understanding of the interactions between arid zone ecology and human activities.

 National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI)

Desert Research Foundation of Namibia (DRFN)
works collaboratively in all sectors involved in management and use of natural resources, concentrating on the agriculture, energy and water sectors, with government, commercial, non-governmental and community-based organisations.

Namibian Environment and Wildlife Society (NEWS)
NEWS is a non-profit organisation with the mission to conserve the natural environment of Namibia and to promote appropriate protection, wise and sustainable use of natural resources and sustainable development.

Habitat Research & Development Centre Katutura (HRDC)
is the brainchild of the Ministry of Regional and Local Government and Housing. It has been included in the National Development Plan of Namibia as a research centre in the housing sector. A strategic alliance has been formed between the Ministry of Regional and Local Government and Housing, the National Housing Enterprise and the City of Windhoek in terms of the construction and operation of the HRDC.

Succulent Karoo Ecosystem Programme (SKEP)

an International Research Network on biodiversity, sustainable use and conservation.


 Physically Active Youth Program (PAY)
The PAY Program is a holistic after school program offering academic assistance, physical education, and life skill guidance to grade 10 students identified as ‘at risk to fail’.

Savanna Range Management
and sustainability - economic and ecological success of different forms of savanna land use. VW Junior Research group at the University of Cologne




Funding & Grants       Science, Education & Development       Friends & Partners     up

Friends & Partners

focused on development, design and sales of high-tech Solar Energy Solutions adapted to the various rural, urban, institutional, governmental & commercial customers.


NamTrack - GPS Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management

our vehicles serviced by Car Tech Namibia cc

Air Namibia
Air Namibia
Inno Sun

Inno Sun

Broad Connection

Broad Connection

our internet connection is powered by AVM


Caprivi Car Hire support us with transport
on the First Namibian Biodiversity Action Day 2010


Enduro Namibia support us with transport
on the First Namibian Biodiversity Action Day 2010


Pack Safari support us with transport
on the First Namibian Biodiversity Action Day 2010


Odyssey Car Hire support us with transport
on the First Namibian Biodiversity Action Day 2010

Bush Telegraph Namibia
ist das Redaktionsbüro in Windhoek, das umfassend, kompetent und ansprechend über namibische Themen berichtet.

Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NRW)
is primarily a tourism hospitality company, providing accommodation and campsites throughout the country. NWR is seeking to redefine and reposition itself as a provider of outstanding tourism services within the protected area network of Namibia.

Kaokohimba Safaris
operates exclusively in the remote Northwest of Namibia, in the awe-inspiring Kaokoland. Here, in complete wilderness, you are offered an unforgettable experience.

Gondwana Desert Collection
consists of four private nature reserves in southern Namibia, characterised by low precipitation and spectacular desert scenery

The Wild Horses of the Namib Desert - Klein Aus Vista
is the gateway to the southern Namib Naukluft Park with its Namib Feral Horses, Koichab Dunes and many other breathtaking desert landscapes and your ideal getaway to unwind.

Hobatere Lodge
located on the western border of the Etosha National Park is home to a wide selection of game.

Epupa Camp
situated east of the Epupa Falls on the banks of the Kunene River, in north-west Namibia.

Amani Lodge
the highest situated lodge in Namibia. Be within touching touching distance of the world's fastes animal, the Cheetah, and discover the mesmerizing beauty of the leopards.


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