"Children working for heritage"
Date:  28.08.-08.09.2003


Huns Mountains
Biome: Succulent Karoo
Special Features: The Succulent Karoo experiences very unique climate patterns. Here rainfall is reliable and predictable, falling mostly during the winter. Prolonged droughts are rare, even during the extreme dryness of summer. Fog often settles along the coast and tempers summer heat. In winter, hot mountain or "berg" winds whip across the region, creating some of the hottest days of the year.
Total number of species collected: n process Total number of Participants: 14
Learners: 12 Scientists & Techers: 2
Ilifa Seveleni Akathingo ISSS Nicholas Krone ISSS
Helmud Hansen ISSS Tharina Louise Bird NMN
Tauno Iipinge ISSS    
Edison Epson Hoebeb ISSS    
Aupaa James Ukarerani ISSS    
Jepunda Wickens Kamutuezu ISSS
Mandala Jackson Hilifilwa ISSS    
Katukoo Cisla Rukaro ISSS    
Kauna Margret Karihinga ISSS

ISSS = Immanuel Shifidi Secondary Scool
NMN = National Museum of Namibia

Unomasa Kapere ISSS
Konoisa Michael Kazondunge ISSS
Mpingana Hilma Angula ISSS
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